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Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) has reserved a few IP addresses for several purposes, and one such IP is

Right out of the box, routers come assigned with an IP address that directs the user to its settings and configuration page. As one of the most commonly IP addresses, many consumers have to use or access

Once the correct IP address and login credentials are entered, the users are direct to a dedicated dashboard.

However, many users are not able to get to the desired page because they enter the wrong IP address, owing to the fact – the number “1” and small case “l” look quite similar – also, auto-correct can be held responsible for these problems.

That’s how many users end up entering 192.168.l.l – this directs them to a page that says, “The site can’t be reached.”

Here are some commonly misspelled IP mistakes users make and the proper way of entering them:

Incorrect: 192.168.I.l

Incorrect: http://192.168.I.l

Incorrect: https://192.168.l.l

Incorrect: 192.168.l.l login
Correct: login

The Proper Way Of Logging Into The Router’s Dashboard

  1. Logging-In
    For starters, open any browser and enter and not 192.168.l.l. Once done, a login page will be displayed in front of you – enter your credentials (possibly available at the back of your router or in its box)

    That is it – you have made it into your router’s control panel.

  2. Resetting The Router And Password Changes
    Your internet connection may fail, and you can see it slow down – one way to fix this is by resetting the router to fix any new configuration changes. Once, in the control panel you can easily reset your router.

    Another reason you may want to access the settings page is to:

    • Change the assigned username
    • Create a new password
    • Change an old password

    All routers come with the option of changing their name to something more personal, so instead of Linksys, TPLink, etc. you can keep your name or something else.

    Moreover, Chances are your router is being misused by people nearby because you haven’t kept a password or your password is less secure. These are both great reasons to change the password to your internet router ASAP.

  3. Configure
    When you are done with the settings, log-out of the control panel and restart the router.
IP AddressUsernamePassword

Routers that Come With 192.168.l.l As A Dedicated IP

Misspelled IPs can be a nuisance – this issue is usually faced by those using popular brands such as Linksys, D-link, Asus, Netgear, and Tplink because these brands have dedicated to reach the configuration page on their devices.

But, if your router is not from one of the brands mentioned above, don’t worry; you can easily find the IP address to your router’s dashboard.

If you are using Windows 10 open Command prompt by entering cmd in the Start Menu’s search field – click on the first app that appears.

In the Command Prompt pane type ipconfig and press enter, and it will display a list of IP addresses. The field marked “Default Gateway” is the one that shows your current router’s dashboard address.

Just, ensure that you are typing in the right address.


Dedicated IP Addresses For Accessing Router Settings

IANA, i.e. the Internet Assigned Number Authority, has kept aside a set of IP Addresses for various reasons, including the creation of a dedicated address for logging into your router’s control panel.

Typically, 192.168.l.1 is the IP address for a router’s login page – once the user enters their username and password, the page redirects to the settings and configuration page.

The problem is that most people get it wrong on the first try because of human error and maybe even auto-correct suggestions – they end up entering 192.168.l.1 Instead of

This is because the number “1” and the letter “l” look quite alike, so when people read out the IP address on screen or from the router’s box, they tend to interchange the two.

Default logins for 192.168.l.1

IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: admin

IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: Password

IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: 1234

IP Address:

Username: guest

Password: guest

IP Address:

Username: user

Password: 1234

Accessing The Router’s Control Panel And What Can Be Done From There?

  1. Completing The Login Process
    If you are trying to reach your router’s dashboard via, we suggest you take the following steps:
    • Open the browser
    • Enter
    • Enter your ID and Password – Usually available beneath the router, in its manual or on the box it came in
    • Reach the settings and configuration page

    Remember, if your login credentials are not correct, you cannot reach the router’s control panel.

  2. Assigning Usernames, Changing Passwords, And Resetting The Router
    If you’re not receiving the optimal speed assigned by your service provider, and the issue is not at their end, the chances are that your router is acting up.

    One quick fix is to turn it off and turn it on again, but if that does not work, protocol dictates that you should reset your router. Once you are on the settings page you are given the option of rebooting the router or carrying out a complete factory-rest.

    You may also use the settings page to add a new password, change an old password or assign a new name to your router. For instance, you can change the username from Asus or Netgear to your family name, brand name, etc.

    Your neighbors might be using your internet because you have not restricted access with a password, or your current password has been breached.

    Not only can you change the password from the dedicated dashboard, but you can also view user activity to see who else is using your network.

Routers Assigned With 192.168.l.1 As A Default Gateway

The problem is that many famous brands such as Linksys, D-link, Asus, Netgear, and TP-Link have also dedicated the address for reaching the configuration page on their devices.

Had they used other numbers that didn’t resemble, the occurrence of misspelled IP’s could have been limited.

If you don’t know what your IP address is, and is not the one assigned to your router, you can locate the IP by using Command Prompt and taking these steps:

  • Enter ipconfig in command prompt
  • Scroll through the list of Displayed IPs
  • Find one that says “Default Gateway.”

Well, there you have it, just make sure you enter the right IP, and not something like 192.168.l.1.


192.168.l0.1  Login

192.168.l0.1 Admin Login Need to change two or three settings in your remote switch? The makers of the switches make and utilize their own particular thing which they load to the contraption so you, or your structure supplier can without a goliath measure of a stretch change-administer most by a wide margin of the settings. These days it’s fundamentally less requesting to set up another broadband switch. They all keep running with WiFi associated with and secured. General you’ll find the WiFi question key on a name held quick to the switch, and it may even show the customer name and watchword and default IP address. In case you can’t get to 192.168.l0.1 or the IP address your switch uses here’s the frameworks by which to do in light of present circumstances.

In our series of 192.168.l0.1 login internet protocols, we here present you one more login guide for 192.168.l0.1 site. The 192.168.l0.1 ip is mainly a mistyped router login ip which can be accessed with our below given guide and you can then after changing the password and name of your router as per your choice.

192.168.l0.1 Login IP address join Netgear, Asus, TP-Link, Cisco, Linksys, and D-Link. It falls in Class C of the IP addresses. These are just a couple as a couple of various routers make use of this extent of IP addresses.

192.168.l0.1 Security

  • Make your wireless cipher secure first so that you can make secure settings. Use this if you have WPA2 security precautions.
  • Then filter the mac address.
  • Most importantly activate the modem firewall.

Password Default List

ModelDevice TypeAdmin UsernameAdmin Password
WPB3000Powerline Access Point,Powerline Adapteradminadmin
FreeStation 5 APadminadmin
ARC Wireless
FreeStation 5access pointadminadmin
Eclipse WiFi
EW28650in-wall access pointrootroot
FON Wireless
La Fonera+ FON2201access pointadminadmin
La Fonera 2.0g FON2202access pointadminadmin
MWN-TR150Ntravel routeradminadmin
WR850GPwireless routeradminmotorola
TEW-432BRP 3.10b10adminadmin
TEW-652BRP h w:v3.2r 3.00b13adminadmin
TEW-654TRaccess pointadminadmin
TEW-820APaccess point,travel routeradminadmin
TEW-752DRUrouteradmin”randomly generated”
TEW-751DRrouteradmin”randomly generated”
TEW-810DRrouteradmin”randomly generated”
TEW-823DRUrouteradmin”randomly generated”
TEW-733GRrouteradmin”randomly generated”
TEW-827DRUwireless routeradmin”randomly generated”
11AC NAS Routerwireless routeradminDZY-W2914NSV2
W2914NSwireless routeradminDZY-W2914NSV2
3300wireless router
V11wireless router
X11wireless router